Poisoning caused by pesticides

Large quantities of dead bees, which suddenly appeared in the warp, indicate that they did not die of natural causes;

Strong colonies that present poisons, through a contact substance, will not have dead bees only near the beehive, but also scattered within a radius of 10 to 20 m from the hives;

When the substances do not have an immediate effect, dying bees can also be found: they sit on their backs and try, through uncontrolled movements, to fly;

Signs of intoxication can also be bees incapable of flying, crawling on the ground or on the grass, this image can appear several days in a row.

Information obtained by consulting beekeepers from the Black Sea Basin Beekeepers Network as well as the paper Good practice guide for mountain beekeepers – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development / National Agency for Mountain Areas

Last updated: 18 - Jan - 2021