The Japanese also created a drone that pollinates like a bee

Robotic bees will be able to fully perform the function of real ones

Due to declining bee populations, a team of Japanese scientists invented robotic bees. Robot bees will pollinate like real ones. Scientists do not want to replace bees, but to solve the problem of plant pollination. 

Robot bees will pollinate the plants

Specialists from the Japanese National Institute of Science and Technology used a very small drone to invent the robot bee. On the underside of a two-inch G-Force PXY CAM drone, they attached bee-like hairs with a sticky gel. Thus, when the robotic bee touches a Japanese lily, these hairs rise and leave pollen. 

“When I watch TV and find out about the decline in honey production and the declining bee populations, I am overwhelmed. And I think we need to come up with something to solve this problem, “

said scientist Enjiro Miyako. 

Miyako explains that these are the first unmanned drones – robot bees that pollinate flowers. He adds that the small machines are not yet widespread for use because more developments are pending. Miyako says GPS, artificial intelligence and a high-resolution camera are to be added.

Critics are less convinced that robot bees are the best solution to the problem of plant pollination. 

“I would say that it is unlikely that robotic bees will ever be created to replace the bees themselves. Bees have been pollinating plants for 120 million years, and they have evolved too well”

said David Golson, a biologist at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

Golson explains that there are about 3,200 billion bees that pollinate at no cost but give us honey. It will be too expensive to replace them with machines and pay for pollination. 

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Last updated: 26 - Jul - 2021