Innovation support to SMEs under the Bulgarian National Rural Program

Organic Beehives in Varna Region

An organic apiary near Varna keeps 122 bee families on the farm. All the families are raised to produce organic honey.

 With the support by the National Rural Program in Bulgaria  a perimeter security system has been installed, which calls via a mobile SIM card in case of the respective violation of the enclosure. For this purpose, there are 2 single-crystal solar panels, a controller, a traction battery, and a video surveillance camera with a 4G mobile card. Thus, the apiary is under constant video surveillance.

The purpose of these measures is to ensure the peace and security of bee colonies. The honey produced in this way has very good dietary qualities. Through video surveillance there is an opportunity to monitor what the current weather situation is – to know and plan actions when working in an apiary. The general condition of the bees is observed – in terms of whether they are flying or calm (in warm weather), and in winter whether there is a need to make a site visit to clean the entrances from snow, whether there is no damage from strong winds, wild animals or other adverse factors. This saves money and time.

Last updated: 26 - Jul - 2021