The main problems of beekeeping in Ukraine

1. Disconnection of beekeepers.
 Many unions and associations cannot coordinate the actions of beekeepers or provide protection against the incompetence of unscrupulous farmers. Because of softness in defending interests of beekeepers there is still a huge distrust to them.
 The confrontation between producers and producers of bee products adds to the discord.
 2. Weak material base of apiaries and low efficiency.  In technical and technological terms, Ukrainian apiaries lag behind the apiaries of the same Poland, Germany, Canada, USA for ten years. The reason is obvious - lack of funds. If Ukrainian beekeepers quickly master new methods of beekeeping, the renewal of the material base is slowed down. Inventories of well-known world manufacturers are still inaccessible, which is why most farms have to "pull out the season" on old and worn-out equipment. 
 3. "Wild apiary". Uncontrolled use of treatments.  It is no secret that most beekeepers do not have specialized education (although, unfortunately, this is not an indicator), so to study and determine the disease of bees have to "on the go". Because of this, most may not correctly determine the cause of bee colonies, and hence the wrong choice of medicine. In this situation, the bees receive an uncontrolled amount of the drug and the bee products get chemical compounds that affect its quality. 
 4. Purchase prices for honey.  The most painful issue in recent years is the purchase price of honey. There are two opponents' camps in Ukraine - producers and procurers, and the latter can also be exporters. Each side has a number of arguments what should be the price of honey. 
 5. Irresponsibility of farmers.  2019 was a year of blatant incompetence and irresponsibility of the so-called "specialists" of the agricultural sector. It is their fault that hundreds of thousands of bee families in Ukraine have died, thus depriving beekeepers of income, consumers of beekeeping products, and farmers themselves of additional crops. 
 6. Laws and regulations in the field of beekeeping do not work.  Laws and legal norms designed to regulate the activities of the beekeeping industry in Ukraine do not work. The law of Ukraine "On beekeeping" does not work or articles are grossly violated: regarding the use of non-zoned breeds of bees; on ensuring the protection of bees; state veterinary control in the field of beekeeping; protection of bees in case of application of plant protection products in agriculture and forestry; liability for violation of legislation in the field of beekeeping; compensation for damage caused by violation of beekeeping legislation, etc. 
Last updated: 20 - Sep - 2021