Ukrainian beekeepers named the three biggest problems in Ukraine

Honey producers today have three major problems that affect the production, sale of honey and, in general, the honey market in Ukraine.

This was announced by the director of LLC "Pchelich" Alexander Onsha during the ХІХ regional forum "Organic Ukraine 2020. Kropyvnytskyi".

“The first problem is a reduction in the food supply and a decrease in the effective honey yield by almost a half. Each bee family needs to collect 120-150 kg of nectar per season. In the Kirovograd region today, almost all lands (84%) are plowed, there are almost no natural melliferous plants, and there are only two types of melliferous crops in the plans for sowing - sunflower and rape, ”notes Alexander Onsha.
According to him, the second problem, which does not depend on beekeepers, is the issue of exporting honey from Ukraine.

“The current situation was triggered two years ago by actions to take over the market by honey exporters. They began to act actively and from such strong competition received inadequate prices for honey on the market. For the same reason, we now have a decrease in exports, ”says Alexander Onsha.

He noted that the third crisis for beekeeping is the low purchasing power of consumers. Since honey is not a staple food, in the current situation Ukrainians are not ready to spend money on it.
Last updated: 21 - Sep - 2021