Acacia Honey

Category: Honey

Acacia honey is the most appreciated assortment of honey produced in Romania, due to its color, taste, aroma. Also, it can be considered a really wild honey, as the acacia forests are not chemically treated, and the roots of the tree reach depths of several meters, being less exposed to environmental pollution. To be classified as acacia honey, the nectar harvest must be predominant from acacia. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, the hives must be moved to an acacia forest. Under favorable conditions, acacia can secrete about 1500 kg of nectar per hectare, being on the first place among the honey plants.

Acacia honey is transparent, almost colorless, or may be pale yellow (due to honeycombs). It is kept in a fluid state for a long time, it crystallizes hardly compared to the other types of honey. It can maintain fluidity for up to 2 years depending on the purity and storage environment.

Acacia honey is neither very fragrant nor very sweet compared to Polyfloral honey. Acacia honey contains many vitamins (especially B1, B2, B6 and B12), phytohormones, aromatic compounds, organic acids, flavones, falvonoids, dextrins and various nitrogen compounds. In total in this type of honey there are 435 substances.

Raw acacia honey is effective in improving and treating various conditions:

  • Excellent tonic for children, pregnant women, convalescent
  • It relieves coughing, having antiseptic properties
  • Combat fatigue
  • It removes asthenia and neuroses
  • Decreases gastric acidity
  • Helps treat gastroduodenal ulcer
Last updated: 25 - May - 2020