Honey Comb

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Honey comb has an incredibly large number of beneficial properties for the body. In the treatment of colds, his help is simply invaluable. And the antiseptic properties of propolis contained in honeycomb wax have an extremely beneficial effect on teeth and gums. They help to destroy harmful bacteria, thereby ensuring the prevention of tooth decay and other diseases of the oral cavity. Also, chewing the honeycomb has a mechanical effect, cleaning the teeth from plaque. The benefits of comb honey for immunity are also enormous.

Bees seal honey Useful properties of honeycomb honey are to provide not only wound healing, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, but even antifungal and analgesic effect. Phytoncides saturate it with amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, and pollen has a rejuvenating effect.

Honey in combs includes vitamins C, B, fructose, glucose, phytoncides, enzymes, organic acids, namely acetic, formic and succinic. It also contains pantothenic and niacin, folic acid, as well as proteins and amino acids, as well as active substances that are produced by bees and honey plants. The composition of honey in combs may differ from plant to plant. With regular use of honey, the work of the digestive tract is normalized. It successfully resists respiratory diseases in case of bronchitis, severe cough, sore throat, colds, providing antiviral and antileukemic effect. Honeycomb is used in the treatment of diseases of the nose and eyes.

Last updated: 16 - Sep - 2021