Honey Mixes with Nuts

Price: 170 UAH
Category: Honey Mixes

Nuts and honey, of course, are very useful, but if you combine both ingredients, you get a real bomb. 400 grams of this remedy can replace a full meal and completely saturate the body with all the necessary substances. But it is important to remember that in order for nuts and honey to be of benefit, they must be properly prepared and consumed in the correct dosage. Honey is an excellent conductor for all trace elements that are part of the nuts, thereby enhancing their beneficial properties.

Honey mix № 1 (Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts, Prunes, Raisins, Dried apricots)

Honey mix № 2 (Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Cranberries, Raisins)

Honey mix № 3 (Cashew, Walnut, Prunes, Dried apricots)

Last updated: 16 - Sep - 2021