Karakovan Honey

Category: Honey

Karakovan honey is a honey that is produced in natural environments in a completely natural way. Unlike the way other honeys are produced, it is produced using primitive logs, which are completely natural in the production of Karakovan honey. It is a type of honey that does not specifically add wax and honeycomb, instead there is honeycomb and wax, which the bees in the black hive secreted themselves. The eyes of the honeycomb are completely filled with natural honey produced by bees.

It is a type of honey in which human intervention is very rare. It is also the honey where bees are produced without external feeding. Logs used for Karakovan honey are usually made from the trunk of old trees. Logs taken from these trees are placed in basket-shaped hives in large hives. Karakovan honey can be consumed directly by being eaten on a hungry or absent stomach. However, it is useful for patients to consume it on an empty stomach, especially in the morning.

Last updated: 10 - Jun - 2021