Pastura-Bee Bread


Pastura, also called “bee bread” is a mixture of honey, pollen and starter cultures. The is actually the staple food of bees. The pollen collected from the bees and brought to the hive is mixed with a small amount of honey and various enzymes. It is introduced into the honeycomb cell where under the influence of the microbial flora, the temperature and humidity of the hive, it ferments, undergoes a series of biochemical transformations and after 3 months of fermentation it becomes a bea bread.

The benefits offered by bea bread are:

  • helps to fill the selenium deficiency in the body
  • an important source of energy and vitality
  • bee bread is a very good detoxifier, revitalizer and anti-anemic
  • is recommended for children due to the benefits of the immune system and its antiviral properties
  • bee bread is a very good hepatic and nervous tonic, protects the liver and helps to treat liver diseases
  • helps lower cholesterol in the blood
  • regulates intestinal transit and digestive and colon disorders
  • very good in case of mineral deficiencies – magnesium, zinc, etc.
Last updated: 25 - May - 2020