Category: Bee pollen

Worker bees collect pollen from various plants and take it to their hives, where they store food for the pollen colonies they collect. Bee pollen actually identifies the flower pollen collected in the legs and bodies of these worker bees. In addition, it can contain some nectar, enzymes, wax and bee secretion. The bee wanders a wide variety of plants during pollen collection. Therefore, the content of bee pollen varies significantly.

Thanks to its high antioxidant content, it protects you from free radicals and chronic diseases. It increases the functioning capacity of the liver and protects the liver against toxic substances. It is effective in closing wounds and prevents infections. Bee pollen is sold in natural granules, which you can take by measuring it with a spoon. You can mix these small grains with other foods such as granola or yogurt, or make smoothies with it. It usually has a bitter taste, but when you consume it regularly, you get used to it.

Last updated: 10 - Jun - 2021