Propolis Tincture

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Propolis or bee glue is a sticky substance that bees collect from flowers, tree buds, resinous plant secretions and modify with their enzymes. Bees use it to cover up cracks in their house, to embalm uninvited guests in the hive – small animals and other insects, to disinfect honeycomb cells before sowing eggs with the uterus. Propolis tincture will have a bitter taste, cause a slightly tangible burning sensation and slight numbness of the tongue. In its composition, propolis contains almost all the trace elements that a person needs, as well as various vitamins.

The health benefits of the tincture are truly invaluable:

– Propolis heals the gums and strengthens the tooth enamel, is used in the treatment of stomatitis.

– Propolis enhances immunity, accelerates the healing process.

– Lowers cholesterol levels in the body.

– Eliminates menstrual pain, streamlines the entire cycle, stops bleeding.

– Propolis masks accelerate hair growth and strengthen them, smooth mimic wrinkles.

– Actively used for weight loss – propolis rubbing, massage and body wrap.

Propolis can relieve itching, redness and rashes on the skin, reduce the degree of manifestation of the fungus and get rid of it forever.

– Acts as a natural pain reliever and reduces fever.

– Accelerates wound healing, relieves inflammation.

– Significantly reduces the severity of stress, has a calming effect and suppresses the level of anxiety

But the most pronounced property of propolis is bactericidal! As a natural bee antibiotic, it kills bacteria, which for humans puts propolis in the first place in the fight against colds.

Last updated: 16 - Sep - 2021