Sunflower Honey

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Category: Honey
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The medicinal properties of sunflower honey have a wide spectrum. In addition to general health properties, it is shown as:

1. Sunflower contains vitamins from 5 groups to honey at once, including vitamin A (beta-carotene), the content of which, for example, is 60 times higher than in beef.

2. High content of enzymes, organic acids and amino acids that synthesize protein.

3. Useful and medicinal properties of honey, which includes sunflower.

4. Literally a daily spoonful of honey will help cope with insomnia and depressive mood.

5. Strengthens blood vessels, improves blood flow, normalizes blood pressure.

6. Rapid absorption of glucose helps to strengthen the heart muscle.

7. Removes toxins from the body.

8. Good for the liver.

9. It has diuretic and anti-edematous properties.

10 Strengthens the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties, helps in the treatment of colds and acute respiratory diseases.

11. It is actively used as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system, heart and circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory tract and lungs.

12. Sunflower honey is used in cosmetology – to strengthen hair, nails, and is part of anti-aging masks.

13. Easily digestible carbohydrates are beneficial for strenuous physical activity.

14. Honey with sunflower will help relieve nervous tension in schoolchildren during tests, exams or malignant neoplasms; students during admission exams.

Last updated: 16 - Sep - 2021