Significance of bees

Nowadays, bees still play an extremely important role in nature. Almost 80% of the plant species in Bulgaria need pollination. Pollinating the wild plants, bees ensure the maintenance of so-called biodiversity. Plant as and related animal species, and therefore entire ecosystems are at risk.

In addition, the role of bees is increasing at the moment, due to reducing the number of wild pollinators (lone bees, large hairy bees), which are destroyed by the chemicalization of agriculture, the development of industry, the destruction of plant communities, urbanization, soil, water, and air pollution.

It has been established that a minimum of 6 bees are needed for the proper pollination of the plants colonies per sq. km.

Pollination of crops (fruits, rapeseed, pumpkin and legumes or vegetable seedlings) is a separate topic. The norms required for proper pollination of these crops are met if, during flowering in the plantations, place 2-5 hives.

In Bulgaria, pollination of flowering plantations is relatively unpopular and underestimated by farmers. Beekeepers are more concerned about this, for this reason, farmers in the United States or Western Europe tend to buy paid pollination services from beekeepers. Unfortunately, improper use of pesticides can cause the death of bees that pollinate crops.

Pollination of plants takes place during the implementation of the main purpose of the bees, i.e. collecting nectar and pollen.

Last updated: 27 - Jul - 2021